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English Language Methodology Course

Important Information

This course is a companion course to the popular Cactus ELA (English Language Awareness) course, and can be followed before, after or at the same time as ELA.

Your subscription is valid for 90 days from when you pay. You can renew for an additional period of 45 days at a reduced price if you wish to have access for longer to the course materials.

Please note that bookings can be made on a Saturday or Sunday, but your enrolment won't be actioned, nor your instructions sent until Monday morning. In cases like these, your 90 days will begin from Monday so no time will be lost.

Course Details

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Course Type

Online and Distance TEFL Courses

Min Age


Class Times

This course is designed to be completed within 90 days. However, there are no deadlines for each unit so you can work at your own pace.


Course Description

Cactus TEFL Online English Language Methodology Course

Who is it for?

ELM is a course for people who...

  • have completed the Cactus ELA course and now want to look at the methodology of teaching the language they analysed on ELA.
  • are already teaching EFL without a qualification who want to formally learn about TEFL methodology.
  • are returning to a career in TEFL and need a refresher.
  • are thinking of taking a CELTA or Cert TESOL but want a pre-course introduction before making a final decision.
  • would like to prepare in detail and improve their chance of getting a good grade before taking a course such as a CELTA or Cert TESOL.
  • Plan to teach EFL on a gap year or voluntarily and would like an introduction.

Key features of ELM

The course includes...

  • a full overview of the key methodology
  • online tutor support
  • video and sound components with extracts from real lessons
  • quizzes and review exercises to check your progress
  • assignments which you complete and receive feedback on
  • tutor-led discussion forums with opportunities to meet other course participants
  • a resource of links and reading to orientate you to the world of TEFL
  • current methodology and new innovations in TEFL which is regularly updated

How is the course organised?

This course is designed to be completed within 90 days. However, there are no deadlines for each unit so you can work at your own pace.

You complete 30 lessons in total. Each lesson focuses on a particular area of TEFL and is taught through a combination of reading, video, exercises, examples, and discussion with a tutor and other people on the course. You can work at your pace either choosing to work intensively or using the maximum subscription time of 90 days.

We have estimated the course will take between 60 and 90 hours depending on prior experience and knowledge. You can renew for additional periods of 45 days for an extra fee.

The course is divided into five sections with each set of six lessons linked to a main area of methodology. At the end of each section you measure your understanding and progress by submitting an assignment which receives feedback from a tutor.

The five assignments are:

  • Lesson Observation: You observe a lesson and write a guided report on what you saw.
  • Ideas on teaching language items: You describe ways of teaching some language points. This reflects the type of task you might do in a pre-course task for CELTA or Cert TESOL.
  • Learner report: You analyse the needs of a student and write a report on what the learner requires for a course
  • Classroom material: You plan and prepare a piece of classroom material for use in a reading lesson.
  • Lesson plan: By the end of the course you will have learnt about the components which go into producing a lesson so this final assignment results in a lesson plan.

Want to know about the content of the ELM course? Read more

School Details - Cactus TEFL Online

Cactus TEFL is a leading light in the TEFL industry, helping thousands of people each year to prepare a gap year or a career in TEFL. Cactus TEFL can advise from your first thoughts about taking time out, through to advanced professional qualifications in teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Cactus TEFL is home to more of its own courses. The Cactus English Language Awareness Course was developed as a direct response to the needs of would-be teachers who have had no formal training in the grammar of the English language. The ELA course is perfect as preparation for a 4 week TEFL course, and we now know it is ideal for any EL teacher, pre or post TEFL! The ELM - Cactus English Language Methodology Course, is ELA's perfect partner, although it can be followed as a stand-alone course.

Together, ELA and ELM make up the complete COTC - Cactus Online TEFL Course.

Cactus Trainers are some of the most highly qualified in the industry, and the ELA course, for example, was written by John Hughes, TEFL columnist for the Guardian and English Teaching Professional, and author of a wide range of TEFL books. Our online courses were edited by Cactus TEFL s very own Jenny Johnson, a celebrated member of the TEFL community, teacher trainer and industry expert.

How to Apply

1. Click the Book Now button.
2. Register your details with us (1 minute)
3. Pay for your course in full
4. You will be sent your course joining details


This course is no longer available for online booking. Pleae call us on 0845 1304775 for more details.

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