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Teaching English Pronunciation

Important Information

Please note that this online course has fixed start dates.

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Course Description

Sounds, stress and intonation: Teaching English pronunciation
This five-module course is for practising teachers who wish to update their knowledge of English phonology (pronunciation, stress, intonation etc) and who want practical ideas on how to integrate phonology into the English language classroom.

The course includes work on sounds, stress, intonation and features of connected speech looked at both from the point of view of production: helping students sound better when they speak; and from the viewpoint of reception: helping students make sense of what they hear.

The course is based on the notion that as an international language there is no one 'correct' pronunciation of English, but suggests that students need to be 'comfortably intelligible' in as much as they need to be clear when they speak and that they need to be able to decode pronunciations they encounter with ease.

Each module includes practical ideas for you to try out in your classroom and report back on the forum where you will share your ideas with fellow course participants as well as receiving expert feedback from your course tutor.

Course content
The five modules deal with the following subject areas:

* An overview of the issues involved in pronunciation
* Phonemes and phonemic script in the classroom
* Word and sentence stress in listening activities
* lntonation
* Connected speech: what English really sounds like

Start Dates
Given the nature of online courses, although we recommend you to begin on one of the start dates given below, it is possible for "late starters" to catch up quite quickly, within the first module of the course.

Length & time commitment
It is notoriously difficult to predict exactly how many hours an online course will take any given student. For our courses, we believe you should estimate at least minimum 2.5 hours per module for the reading and completion of the tasks set, giving around 12.5 hours minimum for this particular course.

That estimate excludes the amount of class time you use for experimenting with the ideas and material from the course.

You should aim to complete each course module within 7 to 10 days.

Your tutors
The course tutors are all International House Barcelona CELTA and/or DELTA course tutors with many years of teaching and teacher training experience.

There is a 10% discount for those who have followed a prior Teacher Training course at IH Barcelona.

Note that courses will not begin unless there is a minimum of four participants.

Candidates will be awarded an International House Barcelona Online Training Certificate at the end of the course.

School Details - Online (Barcelona)

Courses in the online Teacher Development series are delivered by distance, using our virtual classroom on the IH Barcelona Online Training site.

Our online classroom uses Moodle, the world's fastest growing e-learning platform.

The courses all operate in the same way: they are divided into modules (between five and ten), each of which is concerned with a different topic. Each module includes tasks for you to complete and materials and ideas to take into your classes.

It should take you approximately two and a half hours to complete the tasks for each module: the timetable for each module is seven to ten days. Of course you are free to spend as much class time as you wish experimenting with the materials with your students.

Once you have tried out the ideas in class we ask you to post your result on the forum for that module. This forum is a chance for you to discuss your findings with your fellow course participants and with your tutors.

There will also be one assignment for you to complete at the end of the course which you will email to your tutor for comment. This requires you to formalise the results of your experimentation in the classroom in a short essay format.

Each course includes an introductory section which guides and instructs you in using the online learning system. There is also a social forum in this introductory section which you are free to use for informal discussion on any topic you choose.

All materials required for each course are available in the course modules; we also include a glossary of terminology used during the course.

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This course is no longer available for online booking. Pleae call us on 0845 1304775 for more details.

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