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Online TEFL Course (140 hours)

Important Information

140 hrs Online TEFL course, exceeding international standards. We offer direct employment contacts worldwide and lifelong job guidance program upon successful completion of the course.

Course Details

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Course Type

Certificate in TESOL

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Class Times

There are 140 hours of content, so you can work for a modest 10 hours a week (2 hours per weeknight) and finish in 3 - 4 months or you can spend just a few hours a week and finish in 6 - 8 months or take up to a year to complete your course.


Customer Feedback

- It met my expectations. It is a great course and I paid to take a great course. I do feel like a have a good amount of experience even though it has only been a month. - Alexandra Caroline Evans

- I was extremely pleased when I received an excellent job offer at the begging of the 3rd week. Truly Wonderful! I would recommend this course 100% It is more than worth the money spent - Natalia Lozano

- Commit yourself to the course and enjoy the teaching part! - Sabine Bonwmeester

- This course fully prepared me to be an English teacher and Guadalajara was an amazing city. - Christian Meertens Kuhn

- I had an overall amazing experience in this course. The trainer is awesome. Just as I expected the stress is real, though worth the course. I would recommend to take advantage of as much as you can. - Rosalba Valdivia

- I am glad for the service provided by ITTO on getting me job interviews and frequently checking on my preferences - Kenny Evelixia

- Thank you! Job guidance and Job placement was phenomenal! - Amy Boaz

Course Description

Our online Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL TESOL) course is a practical and economical alternative to on-site courses. Many people are interested in a TEFL TESL career, but don't have the time or money to travel somewhere to take part in classes in an actual classroom immersion environment. Also, some people don't necessarily want to devote their lives to teaching, but simply want to travel and see the world for a few months or a few years, and teaching English is the perfect way to make money by teaching during their travels. An online course allows people to gain this certification at their own pace, often while they are living at home and working in a completely different field.

Our online TEFL TESOL course combines the convenience of being able to receive our certification and training from any location in the world, working and progressing at your own pace, with some of the great features you would expect to receive from an on-site TEFL TESOL program. Our program truly minimises any of the potential problems with distance learning through a user-friendly interactive platform and hands-on, consistent support from your personal tutor. The program combines media types to make sure you get the best learning experience possible. The course packet includes TEFL TESOL related information accompanied by exercises and feedback from your tutor, an easy to follow guide entitled 'How to Teach Grammar', and a personalised jobs guidance program to suit your needs. Our course includes no additional or hidden fees for books or course materials - all materials are printable and are included in the cost of the course.

Our course is as flexible as it is in-depth. It can be completed in as short a time frame as eight weeks, but you have up to a full year to complete it - so you can work when it is convenient for you. In addition to interaction with your tutor as needed throughout the course, as our student, you are provided access to a trainee forum, which allows discussion of course content and other things with your peers. You are also provided access to the an Online Tutor, which provides answers to many TEFL-related questions that have been asked by former trainees, with answers from our tutors. There is also an available e-library for teachers.

Only highly experienced tutors who have a degree in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language teach our course, and our tutors continue to teach English language themselves, guaranteeing that you will be working with someone who knows the ins and outs of teaching English in today's classrooms. All of the latest classroom exercises and methodologies will be at your fingertips.In addition to using only the best tutors to ensure the best training education possible, you receive an education that other organisations realise is one of the best of its kind. Our program is affiliated with one of the largest EFL language centres in our region. It is known throughout Mexico and throughout the world as a centre with the highest standards, and as one that produces the highest quality trainees.

When you complete our course materials, your relationship with us isn't at an end. In fact, once you are certified, you still receive lifelong job guidance and direct access to employment contacts worldwide, as well as the job bank online database. You also receive access to proven effective TEFL based cover letter and C.V. templates and listings in one convenient place of the best TEFL TESOL employment websites for effective job searches.

- Delivery of updated contents and hands-on material for you to become actively involved in the areas of teaching and learning.
- The contents and activities of the Online TEFL course are delivered through a premier e-learning platform. Thus, you will attend a virtual school on the internet. This means you don't need to download any programs or purchase any extra material or textbooks.
- You will be assigned a tutor who will assist you all through your Online TEFL course. She/he will keep track of your work, assignments and participation, she/he will answer additional questions you may have related to the unit of study, monitor discussion groups, help you find references and assess the value of the information you collect. In general her/his role will be that of a facilitator of your learning process.
- Continuous assessment through graded quizzes, assignments and self-evaluations.
- A collaborative learning environment. This means that you can interact with your tutor or other students in a discussion forum or live chats.
- Lifelong Job Guidance Program. ITTO provides a strong support in teaching you job search strategies TEFL cover letter and resume building, we will even go a step further and provide direct employment contacts in most major cities around the world.

School Details - Guadalajara

The school is part of a worldwide network of teacher training and language schools and its infrastructure is strengthened by a partnership with one of the most prestigious language centers in the region located only steps away from the training center. With over forty classrooms, groups of E.F.L. learners of all ages and levels, and classes running from 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M., Monday-Saturday at the E.F.L. partner school, you are sure to obtain all the necessary real teaching practice you need in order to start your TEFL TESOL career in Mexico or anywhere around the world.

The center's specialty is training students to teach English as a foreign or second language and also finding them post course paid employment in Mexico. With literally thousands of school contact details from all around the world, you may rest assured that your requests for job placement / guidance will be efficiently met. Through our network of EFL employment contacts we assist our graduates to find employment all over the world. By gaining international certification you are assured worldwide acceptance as an English teacher.

Through the EFL partner school, a state of the art Self-Access/Multimedia Lab with 40+, computers is available for trainees to get hands on experience in the use of the latest technology. The school is a member of the UK College of Teachers and is fully accredited by the Mexican Department of Education.

How to Apply

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This course is no longer available for online booking. Pleae call us on 0845 1304775 for more details.

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