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Prices and Dates

Please contact us on 0845 130 4775 (UK) or +44 1273 830 960 (International) or info@cactustefl.com to register your interest. Remember to quote the course reference code C0-2873.

TEFL Certificate Course

Course ref: 2873
Course Type: Certificate in TESOL
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Min Age: 18
Maximum Class Size: 14
Class Times: Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Input sessions covering grammar, phonetics, teaching skills, and classroom management. 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Lunch. 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Guided lesson prep time. 3:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m Teaching practice

Important Information

- FREE week of Spanish lessons at first class Spanish school

- Guaranteed paid job placement immediately after graduation.

- Sign up 3 months before the course starts and save USD 200.

School Details - Guadalajara

The school is part of a worldwide network of teacher training and language schools and its infrastructure is strengthened by a partnership with one of the most prestigious language centers in the region located only steps away from the training center. With over forty classrooms, groups of E.F.L. learners of all ages and levels, and classes running from 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M., Monday-Saturday at the E.F.L. partner school, you are sure to obtain all the necessary real teaching practice you need in order to start your TEFL TESOL career in Mexico or anywhere around the world.

The center's specialty is training students to teach English as a foreign or second language and also finding them post course paid employment in Mexico. With literally thousands of school contact details from all around the world, you may rest assured that your requests for job placement / guidance will be efficiently met. Through our network of EFL employment contacts we assist our graduates to find employment all over the world. By gaining international certification you are assured worldwide acceptance as an English teacher.

Through the EFL partner school, a state of the art Self-Access/Multimedia Lab with 40+, computers is available for trainees to get hands on experience in the use of the latest technology. The school is a member of the UK College of Teachers and is fully accredited by the Mexican Department of Education.

Course Description

Holding a TEFL certificate will add value to your CV or resume, as certification is becoming a standard requirement when applying for teaching jobs. Along with the benefit of our permanent TEFL job guidance program, you can feel secure in never having problems obtaining a teaching job because we do it for you. The certification provides you with the tools required to travel the world teaching English.

Upon successful academic completion of the course we will certify you as a professional TEFL teacher as well as obtain paid employment for you. A TEFL Certificate gives you advantages over other candidates who may be applying for the same jobs. With our contacts with literally thousands of schools all around the world, you may rest assured that your requests for TEFL job placement and guidance will be efficiently met.

The school is fully accredited by the Mexican Department of Education.

The course itself is offered through the use of modern interactive techniques and experiential activities, in order to develop the long-term thinking and planning skills that will be needed by the teacher and required by schools hiring English teachers. Each input session follows a similar pattern: doing, recalling, reflecting, conducting and practicing. The school counts with Interactive Whiteboards in every classroom.

The curriculum is designed to be developmental and incremental and to encourage the trainees to be creative and confident in their work. The course follows an immersion method where trainees develop their teaching skills and knowledge of grammar through a combination of morning input sessions and evening practical teaching.

During input sessions students are engaged in the class by frequently breaking into small groups to create teaching materials and practice teaching techniques. During teaching practice, trainee teachers put into practice the skills and methodology learned during the input sessions. Trainees teach genuine EFL students following an official curriculum: this is extremely important, since many other training centers around the world recruit volunteers for trainees' teaching practices. All teaching practices are fully observed by our trainers. Feedback is given and suggestions are made regarding the areas of teaching that could be improved.

The emphasis is on continual assessment and participants are expected to address the issues raised from previous feedback in their future lessons.

The course is divided into six areas:

CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT Topics covered include;

- The role of the teacher with regard for promoting effective learning.
- To consider ways in which we can maximize student interaction in the classroom.
- Effective strategies for Classroom Management in relation to eye contact, gesture, voice, student grouping, pre-lesson preparation, rapport with students, using the board, behavior management.
- Skills needed in the presentation of materials: the board, the flip chart, prepared cards.
- Maintaining discipline
- Giving instructions

TEACHING SKILLS This is a highly practical element of the course where trainees consider;

- The essential ingredients of a well planned lesson
- The relationship between language structure and vocabulary
- Strategies for teaching vocabulary
- Effective strategies for correcting students' mistakes
- Specific issues concerned with teaching beginners
- Ways to introduce and use a variety of language games
- Ideas for oral communicative language learning activities
- Ways to present a methodological model for teaching receptive skills (listening and reading)
- Ways to present a methodological model for teaching productive skills (writing and speaking)
- Models for introducing new language structures (grammar)
- Specific issues involved in teaching Business English
- The principles underpinning good assessment

LANGUAGE AWARENESS (GRAMMAR) This section of the course aims to consolidate trainee's knowledge of the English grammar system and provides practical ideas as to how it can be taught. Some different aspects of grammar covered include:

- The tense system
- Nouns/adjectives
- Verbs/adverbs
- Infinitives
- Gerunds
- Parts of speech
- Modal auxiliary verbs
- Conditionals
- Relative clauses
- Phrasal verbs
- Teaching pronunciation
- Phonetics

PHONOLOGY Focuses on areas such as stress, intonation, rhythm and the International Phonetic Alphabet.

UNKNOWN LANGUAGE Trainees are put into the position of language students and will be taught an unknown foreign language class. This gives trainees an opportunity to view lessons as a student and note techniques used by the teacher when teaching beginners.

TEACHING PRACTICE The most practical and important element of the course. Trainees teach genuine EFL students following an official curriculum: this is extremely important, since many other training centers around the world recruit volunteers for trainees' teaching practices
All teaching practices total 10 hours minimum, (six is the international standard), fully observed, constructively critiqued and graded by our trainers. The emphasis is on progression and trainees are expected to address issues raised during feedback.

Accommodation Options

For a fee of $100 USD per week, you receive three meals per day and have your own private bedroom.

This excellent housing option enables you to stay in the home of one of our carefully selected host families. These host families have welcomed our trainees into their homes for many years. All host families are methodically screened to make sure that they are suitable for lodging our trainees. This amazing housing experience will allow you to immerse yourself in the heart of Mexican culture, practice your Spanish, and make lifelong friends.

Guadalajara, as most metropolitan cities, has residential areas and commercial areas. Because of our privileged location in the Downtown Historical Area, we do not have host homes that are within walking distance. Our Area is mostly historical buildings, restaurants, and stores.

All of the host families are situated in very safe and centrally located neighborhoods at an approximate 30 to 35-minute bus ride from our school. On the first day of classes one of your host family members will bring you to school and come pick you up afterwards to show you the daily commute.

Homestay program includes:
- One student per family unless otherwise requested.
- Three meals per day (one packed lunch to bring with you to school).
- Begins one day prior to the beginning of the course and concludes one day after it finishes. Each additional night - before or after is $21 USD.
- Students do their own laundry.
- Mexican cooking. Would you like to know how to cook a traditional Mexican dish? If your answer is yes, you will love this option. We encourage our trainees and host families to have this great cultural activity once a week. The host family will provide you the ingredients, encouragement and most important, their support and warmth to make a traditional feast.
- This option is particularly useful for those who wish to practice their Spanish.

Only a short walk from our Training Center. Private and shared rooms equipped with a common kitchen, and dining room conditioned ideally for having a conversation with other guests, watching cable television, or simply gliding the day with a cup of coffee, free WIFI. Continental breakfast is included in some.
From $1,050.00 pesos per week to $8,200.00 pesos for four weeks, depending on type of accommodation. Please ask price for longer stays.

Hotels. Four and Five stars
Within a short walking distance. Excellent facilities on single and double rooms. They also feature a restaurant, lounge bar, room service, free Wi-Fi in rooms and public areas. The environment in all is very calm providing guests with a soothing ambiance. All are in the middle of main historic and attraction sites.
Prices range from $5,986.00 pesos per week to $26,935.00 pesos for four weeks, depending on the type of accommodations.

Furnished Apartments
From very good to best available, modern one or two bedroom furnished apartments will average U.S. $550 to $1500 per month, some include a swimming pool, air conditioned and restaurant. We do not arrange roommates in apartments.
Please contact us to provide you with fees based on your starting date.


Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Input sessions covering grammar, phonetics, teaching skills, and classroom management. 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Lunch. 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Guided lesson prep time. 3:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m Teaching practice

Customer Feedback

- It met my expectations. It is a great course and I paid to take a great course. I do feel like a have a good amount of experience even though it has only been a month. - Alexandra Caroline Evans

- I was extremely pleased when I received an excellent job offer at the begging of the 3rd week. Truly Wonderful! I would recommend this course 100% It is more than worth the money spent - Natalia Lozano

- Commit yourself to the course and enjoy the teaching part! - Sabine Bonwmeester

- This course fully prepared me to be an English teacher and Guadalajara was an amazing city. - Christian Meertens Kuhn

- I had an overall amazing experience in this course. The trainer is awesome. Just as I expected the stress is real, though worth the course. I would recommend to take advantage of as much as you can. - Rosalba Valdivia

- I am glad for the service provided by ITTO on getting me job interviews and frequently checking on my preferences - Kenny Evelixia

- Thank you! Job guidance and Job placement was phenomenal! - Amy Boaz

Help for Jobs

Job Placement
TEFL paid job placement in Mexico is guaranteed for successful candidates, and direct employment contacts worldwide are provided upon successful completion of the TEFL course.

- The school guarantees paid job placement in Mexico for all successful graduates
- Graduates choose 5 locations, the employment service always tries to match them with their first option
- Graduates are sometimes placed in other countries too, but the school can only guarantee paid job placement in Mexico

How to Apply

1. Choose the start date which interests you. If you’re still unsure, please choose an approximate date for now – you will be able to specify later.
2. Register your details with Cactus TEFL (1 minute) to help us track your application.
3. Download the application form and save it on your computer.
4. Complete it offline in your own time
5. Go back to www.cactustefl.com, sign in and submit your completed form.

You can also submit an application by email. We will explain how to do this on the application form. Please contact us if you have any problems with the application procedure.

Map of Guadalajara, Mexico

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