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Florence Piazza della Republica

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Prices and Dates

Please contact us on 0845 130 4775 (UK) or +44 1273 830 960 (International) or info@cactustefl.com to register your interest. Remember to quote the course reference code C0-2664.

TESOL Certificate Course

Course ref: 2664
Course Type: Certificate in TESOL
Location: Florence, Italy
Min Age: 18

Important Information

School Details - Florence Piazza della Republica

The school in Florence is part of a global educational organization, with schools and offices in numerous worldwide locations. You will develop your English language teaching (TEFL) skills in a friendly and supportive environment and you are also provided with employment opportunities throughout your TEFL career. Through the Job Placement Assistance program, 80% of graduates have already found a job by the time they finish the course.

The centre is located in the historical centre of the city, a few steps from the Duomo. Facilities include classrooms, library, computer room.

Course Description

• 4-week, 130-hour intensive TEFL certificate course

• 10 hours observed teaching practice

• Internationally experienced TEFL trainers

• Global TEFL employment assistance


The course is made up of the following three components:

* Teaching Skills and Classroom Management
* Language Awareness
* Personal Skills and Qualities


1.1. Training Sessions
These sessions are compulsory and cover issues which will be helpful in relation to work in the classroom. The sessions are conducted in a way which promotes active learning and encourages you to reflect on your past and current experiences, your progress on the course, established literature and relevant research findings.

1.2. The Observation of Experienced Teachers
At the beginning of the course, you will have the chance to observe a minimum of three lessons taught by qualified and experienced teachers. You will make notes on the lessons and will be provided with a series of questions to guide your observations. Additional opportunities to observe experienced teachers may be provided at later stages of the course.

1.3. The Observation of Peers
Trainees normally teach in pairs, sharing a ninety-minute lesson. Each trainee teaches for 45 minutes and observes his / her teaching partner for 45 minutes. The trainee observer is required to make brief notes about the teaching partner and offer insights during the post-lesson feedback session.

1.4. Teaching Practice with Groups
During the first week of the course you will teach at least one forty-five-minute lesson. Thereafter, you will teach between two and three forty-five-minute lessons in weeks two, three and four of the course. You will teach a minimum of eight lessons with groups of students from at least three different levels of competence in English. All teaching practices with classes will be observed by trained staff and you will receive group or individual feedback from them at the end of the lesson. The first two teaching practices with groups will not be graded but the remainder will.

1.5. The Individual Student Teaching Project
In addition to the teaching practices with groups, you will also be required to work with an individual student for two sixty-minute lessons. The work with an individual student will not be observed but you will be required to produce a comprehensive report on the sessions before the end of the course. This will be graded.

1.6. Guided Lesson Preparation Time
The training team will offer you extensive support guided lesson preparation time. As the course progresses, you will be expected to become less dependent on the support of the training staff and to demonstrate your ability to work more independently.

1.7. Unknown Language Study
You are required to attend three one-hour sessions where you will learn a previously unknown language. The lessons enable you to experience the emotions felt by students of English as a Foreign Language and to be introduced to techniques for working with beginners.


This component comprises the following aspects:

Analysing Communication

Grammar Awareness



3.1. Observation of and interaction with trainees.

This is an area in which potential employers are frequently interested. Not only are they seeking well-qualified teachers, but employees who exhibit a range of personal skills and qualities. The ability to communicate effectively, engage in self-reflection and establish good rapport with students is of equal importance. During the course, trainers seek to demonstrate and encourage the development of these personal skills and qualities and to identify and record evidence of the trainees' accomplishments.

3.2. The Trainee File and the Self-Assessment Tasks
You are required to maintain a file which acts as a record of your development on the course. During the course you are also required to complete six self-assessment tasks which are added to the file and form the basis for discussions with the trainers.

3.3. Individual Progress Sessions
You will meet with a trainer on a number of occasions during the course in order to discuss your progress. The self-assessment tasks will form the basis for part of this dialogue.

Accommodation Options

Trainees can choose from the following accommodation options:

Shared Apartment You may book a single or twin* room in selected private apartments. These apartments are shared with students from the school, Italian Students or, sometimes, with the owner. You are allowed to use the kitchen and bathroom. All apartments are completely furnished. You will be provided with a change of towels and bed linens once a week.
COST: A single room in a shared apartment STARTS at 640 EUR for one month's rent.

Independent Apartment This option is suitable for those who would like the privacy and independence of their own furnished apartment. the school provides furnished studios or small apartments for one person or two people travelling together. Bedrooms and bathrooms come complete with linens and towels and kitchens have all accessories. COST: Prices START at 1000 EUR per person for one month's rent.

Twin Rooms A twin room is when two people share a room, which has one or two beds. Please not that this type of accommodation can only be booked for two people coming together for the same period. The price is per person.
COST: The price of shared room starts at 460 EUR per person.

When you ask the school to arrange your housing you are required to pay a 50.00 EUR non-refundable booking fee to be paid on-site on the first day of classes. In addition, you must leave a 100 EUR security deposit with the school to cover against damage or breakage which will be returned to you after an inspection of the apartment at the end of your stay.

Please note that accommodation will be paid for upon your arrival in Florence.
If you cancel your housing arrangements after they have been confirmed, you will be responsible for a cancellation penalty equal to 15 days' rent.

Help for Jobs

Our school offers you lifetime job-finding support, which means the team is at your service before, during, and after the course to make sure you find a teaching position. Experience shows that participants who put the effort into preparing a strong resume/CV find teaching positions within 0 - 30 days after completing the certification program.

ESL Career Support Includes:

- Professional resume/CV preparation
- List of language schools in your preferred destination country(s)
- Internet sites and job boards specializing in ESL positions
- Introduction to our ESL recruitment partners
- Specific country information
- Job offer and contract advice
- Professional reference for all future ESL job applications

Through our international network of schools and contacts, we can help you find a job anywhere in the world. 85% of the people who took the course with us in 2012 had already found a job in their chosen location before the end of the course.

Week 1
- On Friday of week 1, trainees participate in a group session on how to modify their CV / resume for EFL teaching.
- Trainees are advised about job opportunities in the local area and lists of current vacancies, jobs sites and schools are provided.

Week 2
- During the individual progress sessions at the beginning of week 2, trainees are offered individual guidance on their CV/resume and cover letter
- On Friday of week 2, trainees participate in a group session that covers
- choosing where to work
- conditions in various countries
- what to look for in a language school
- preparing for an interview
- interview techniques

Week 3
- During the individual progress sessions at the beginning of week 3, each trainee is invited to discuss the progress of the job search, and is given further individual assistance as required.

- We contact schools with vacancies. We help you to research vacancies in your chosen location(s).
- Our network will continue to offer support and guidance throughout your career.

How to Apply

1. Choose the start date which interests you. If you’re still unsure, please choose an approximate date for now – you will be able to specify later.
2. Register your details with Cactus TEFL (1 minute) to help us track your application.
3. Download the application form and save it on your computer.
4. Complete it offline in your own time
5. Go back to www.cactustefl.com, sign in and submit your completed form.

You can also submit an application by email. We will explain how to do this on the application form. Please contact us if you have any problems with the application procedure.

Map of Florence, Italy

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