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Prices and Dates

Please contact us on 0845 130 4775 (UK) or +44 1273 830 960 (International) or info@cactustefl.com to register your interest. Remember to quote the course reference code C0-2376.

Cambridge DELTA Module 1 and 2

Course ref: 2376
Course Type: Diploma in TESOL
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Min Age: 23

Important Information

The course fee includes the entry fee for Module 2 (candidates are expected to enter for Module 1 separately, not necessarily in Prague)

School Details - Prague

Our school in Prague is an approved centre for the two most prestigious Cambridge teacher training qualifications: the CELTA and the DELTA.

The school is affiliated by a world organisation, which is widely recognised as one of the foremost independent language teaching and training organisations in the world.

The school's main premises are in the south of the city centre and five minutes' walk from Budejovicka metro station. Both the CELTA and the DELTA are held at the school's permanent premises.

Course Description

The Cambridge DELTA is intended to offer candidates who have substantial experience of teaching English to adult speakers of other languages is intended to offer the opportunity to:

- acquire new insights into this area and a deeper understanding of the principles and practice of ELT to adults;

- examine their current practices and beliefs;

- apply the results of their learning and reflection to their current professional lives and to circumstances beyond their present and previous teaching experience.

Module One: Focus on background to teaching and learning ESOL in a range of contexts.

Theoretical perspectives of language acquisition and language teaching.
Different approaches and methodologies including current developments.
Language systems and learners' linguistic problems.
Language skills and learners' problems.
Knowledge of resources, materials and reference sources for language learning.
Key concepts and terminology related to assessment.

Module Two: Focus on developing the candidate's awareness and expertise in relation to the principles and professional practice of teaching ESOL in a range of contexts.

The language learner and the language learning context.
Preparation for teaching adult learners of English.
Evaluating, selecting and using resources and materials for teaching purposes.
Managing and supporting learning.
Evaluation of lesson preparation and teaching.
Observation / Evaluation of other teachers' lessons.
Professionalism and opportunities for professional development.

Before you submit an application -

Are you sure of the following?

That you will be able to give the commitment that the course requires?

That you will be free to attend Monday to Friday all 8 weeks?

That you will be able to provide suitable adult classes for observation with a minimum of 5 students?

That you have easy access to word processing and printing facilities?

Customer Feedback

The school was very good and the trainers were highly professional. I actually enjoyed everything: the tutors, the classmates, the school, even all the sleepless nights that I spent studying and preparing for school.
-Brigita Kobeticova-

The school was great. The course was difficult but very rewarding. I learned so much. Prague is an amazing city. The culture and architecture are beautiful.
-Bradley Walker-

Very good school, with high quality trainers. Very welcoming and approachable.
-Jennifer Tamblin-

The school is very good, our tutors were the best! Very patient, very committed, very organized, very helpful, very caring, very knowledgeable - really great teachers.
-Anne Zinke-

Absolutely amazing. Great school, fantastic tutors. Bravo. Very professional, effective. How did I learn so much in such a short space of time?
-Elise MacAndrew-

Help for Jobs

The course tutors and staff are able to provide a great deal of useful job and career advice during and after the CELTA course. These services include:

- 3 course hours dedicated to the job search, CV writing, and finding the right schools
- Personalized job hunting tutorial after the first week of the course
- Recommendations of "match" schools
- Up-to-date job board
- Continued email support for three months after course

While we try our best to assist trainees in their job search, it is our policy to never "guarantee" jobs to trainees. While many of our competitors advertise guaranteed job placement, we feel this is the wrong approach. Offering guaranteed job placement tends to attract less committed students, and it is in the best interests of the school and our students that each trainee is serious about the course. In addition, if someone does not complete the course requirements, we would not feel comfortable placing them in a position.

Based on previous experience, the vast majority of those who successfully complete the CELTA course have very little difficulty finding a job--and we are committed to preparing each student to find and land the job that is best for them.

Map of Prague, Czech Republic

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