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Bournemouth Central

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Prices and Dates

Please contact us on 0845 130 4775 (UK) or +44 1273 830 960 (International) or info@cactustefl.com to register your interest. Remember to quote the course reference code C0-1178.


Course ref: 1178
Course Type: Diploma in TESOL
Location: Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Min Age: 21
Maximum Class Size: 12

Important Information

This course is for Module 1 and 2. Module 3 can be booked separately for £474.

The price above excludes the Cambridge examination fee of approximately £300. (Module 1: £135 Module 2: £165)

School Details - Bournemouth Central

Choosing the right teacher training centre for your professional development as an English language teacher is crucial. At our Bournemouth centre, you are assured of a warm welcome and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere to study in. The aim is to ensure that you as an individual are well looked after from the moment you arrive, and that everything is done to help you benefit from what we as a training centre have to offer. This human dimension plays a significant part in helping you to develop your skills as a teacher.

Staff are selected for their personal qualities as well as their academic qualifications and the wide variety of teaching experience in Britain and abroad. They are noted for their innovative approach to training and are encouraged to constantly update and improve their courses. Throughout your stay, you will receive guidance and support from your tutors, whose close attention will ensure that you derive the maximum benefit from your course.

The school is situated in Bournemouth, one of the most important TEFL centres in Britain. There are excellent links with local language schools and the centre is well placed to help our Certificate and Diploma-trained teachers to find positions in these schools as well as with schools elsewhere in Britain and overseas.

The school has all the facilities you would expect of a major training centre, including a multi-media centre with computers and AAC language laboratory units and a library where teachers can draw on materials to prepare their lessons under the supervision of the Resources Manager, who will give guidance and support.

The school principal is internationally renowned as a major coursebook writer and has published over a dozen volumes, mainly under the Longman and Heinemann imprints.

The school is accredited by the British Council (the official inspectorate of English language teaching institutions), a member of ARELS (the national association of accredited private sector EFL organisations) and RELSA in Wessex (the regional association).

Course Description

What is the DELTA?

The DELTA has undergone a major revision and all courses are now run under the new modular format. The aim of the DELTA is to provide specialised training for experienced English language teachers by:
- deepening understanding of the principles and practice of teaching the English language to adults;
- examining current practices and beliefs;
- applying the results of your learning and reflection to candidate's current teaching position and more senior roles.

Why this school?

Cactus recommends the Bournemouth Central centre for the DELTA course. Their track record is outstanding, and you can also speak to our Head of Cactus Language Training, Germaine Broadbent, who completed her DELTA at this school.

The school has been running the Cambridge Diploma courses since 1984 and currently offers three full-time courses and one part-time course every year. Our pass rate has been consistently well above the world wide average and has varied between 63% and 89% for candidates passing at the first attempt.The course tutors are all highly qualified with a wide range of experience. Tutors involved on DELTA courses will often be assessors or examiners for UCLES. You will have all the facilities you need to complete the course successfully - we have a comprehensive library with all the materials you need for your research, and a modern networked multi-media centre.

How do you qualify for the course?

DELTA applicants should:
- normally hold an initial teaching qualification enabling them to teach English in their own context;
- have a range of experience of teaching different levels in one or more contexts;
- have a level of written and spoken English which enables them to teach advanced level students (up to and including level C1 on the CEFR);
- be able to research and present written assignments to the required standard.

Course contents

Our intensive DELTA courses focus specifically on Modules One and Two which will be completed by either the June or the December immediately following the course. Candidates can take Module 3 on request.

The overall course requirements for Module Two are specified by Cambridge and then individual centres design their course programme to fulfil these requirements. Courses are designed to ensure a balance between the demands of practical application and understanding of the theoretical background. All courses are designed to help you gain the diploma and make the course an enjoyable learning experience - although the course is very intensive and you must be prepared for this. The courses have input sessions on language and teaching methodology in the mornings, and teaching/observation in the afternoons.

The input sessions will focus on:
- language awareness;
- the background to teaching and learning English at adult level;
- resources and materials;
- working in the classroom;
- evaluation, monitoring and assessment;
- syllabus design and course planning
- professional development.

The full-time courses last 8 weeks. Most days you will be at the centre from 9.00 to 17.00 (approximately). You can have a look at an example timetable to give you an idea, although each course is individually designed by the course tutors to respond to the individual needs of candidates on the course.


Module One is assessed externally through 2 x 90-minute examinations.
Module Two is assessed via a portfolio of coursework, including observed lessons, written assignments, and an externally-assessed lesson observation.
Module Three is assessed externally via an extended written assignment on a specialist area.

Candidates will receive a certificate for each successfully completed module. When all three modules have been completed successfully, an overall DELTA certificate can be applied for.

In detail

* Module One focuses on the theories behind how people learn languages and how they are taught and will look at:

- theoretical perspectives on language acquisition and language learning
- different approaches and methodologies including current developments
- language systems and learners' linguistic problems
- language skills and learners' problems
- knowledge of resources, materials and reference sources
- key concepts and terminology related to assessment

* Module Two focuses on the theory and practice of teaching and the different ways that environment, society and culture affect the way that it works. It will look at:
- the language learner and the language learning context
- preparation for teaching adult learners of English. Evaluating, selecting and using resources and materials for teaching purposes
- managing and supporting learning
- evaluation of lesson preparation and teaching
- observation/evaluation of other teacher's lessons
- professionalism and opportunities for professional development

How to apply

First you need to complete the application form and the pre-interview task. Send these with a recent lesson plan and we will arrange an interview. We prefer you to come to the school for your interview, but if this is impractical we may be able to arrange a telephone interview. At the interview you will have the opportunity to meet some of the tutors and tour the school. You will discuss the requirements of the DELTA and your previous teaching experience and do some work on language awareness. The tutor conducting the interview will then be able to assess how much preparation you will need to do for your course.Remember the interview is a two-way process, and will be your chance to find out everything you need to know.

Accommodation Options

Homestay or student house accommodation can be arranged for you by the school.
The cost for a single room with a host-family on half-board (full-board during the weekend) would be £130 per week (£155 in 1st July - 26th August). Cost for a shared room would be £112 per person per week (or £135 in 1st July - 26th August).

Single-room self-catering accommodation is available in one of a number of shared houses owned by the school. Facilities such as bathroom, toilet, kitchen, dining area, living room/area and garden are shared. Cost for this would be £143 per week (or £163 1st July - 26th August).

Customer Feedback

Great family atmosphere in the school. Vibrant. Each trainer was professional and really knew their stuff.
-Catherine Brant-

The school had excellent facilities (a good library and great computer facilities) and all the staff were very friendly. The trainers were great too - friendly and approachable and always ready to give constructive advice and guidance. The course was very well organised and there were some extremely useful input sessions.
-Fiona Freeman-

The school was a very open, honest friendly place. The atmosphere was very welcoming and the trainers were extremely helpful.
The course was very inspirational, motivating and enjoyable.
-Stacey Sheppard-

It was brilliant. The trainers were helpful and enthusiastic, must be hard for them to keep it fresh having a new course starting every month but they did a really good job. hard work but i enjoyed the work more than i thought i would.
-Robert Grazebrook-

How to Apply

1. Choose the start date which interests you. If you're still unsure, please choose an approximate date for now; you will be able to specify later.
2. Register your details with Cactus TEFL (1 minute) to help us track your application.
3. Download the application form and save it on your computer.
4. Complete it offline in your own time
5. Go back to www.cactustefl.com, sign in and submit your completed form.

You can also submit an application by email. We will explain how to do this on the application form. Please contact us if you have any problems with the application procedure.

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