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Online TEFL Course

Cactus TEFL has designed its course to be very user-friendly, logical and easy to follow, as well as lively and interesting, with lots of video classroom clips to watch. This means that as you learn you get a real feel for what it's like in a TEFL classroom. The interactive forums provide communication with your co-participants and with the tutors.


Book now for £295.

Course Details

Course reference: 4096
Course type: Online TEFL course
Price: £295 (or $386 / €327)
Class times: This course is designed to be completed within 180 days. However, there are no deadlines so you can work whenever you like, at your own pace.
Minimum age: 17

Course Description

What is different about the Cactus Online TEFL Course?

  • • Written by top TEFL author / teacher trainer
  • • Videos of real teachers - who are also teacher trainers - teaching real classes
  • • All online so log in wherever and whenever suits you - no CDs or DVDs to carry around
  • • Communicate with tutors and other participants through integrated forums
  • • Very experienced tutors who are practising EFL teachers and trainers
  • • Up-to-the-minute TEFL tips
  • • Assignments marked by tutors who also mark CELTA / Trinity

You should take the Cactus Online TEFL Course if you want...

  • • Interaction with tutors and co-participants in integrated forums
  • • A thorough overview of TEFL teaching
  • • A top quality, user-friendly, meaningful yet fun course
  • • To study from home, in your own time and at your own pace

Still not sure if the Cactus Online TEFL Course is for you? Read more

About the Cactus Online TEFL Course

  • • 60 easy-to-use units
  • • All the major rules and terminology of English grammar from a teacher's viewpoint
  • • A full overview of key teaching techniques for new teachers
  • • See teachers in action in extracts from real lessons
  • • Prompt, useful and informed online tutor support
  • • Discussion forums to interact with the tutors and other course participants

Customer Feedback

  • "The video and sound clips (were) extremely, extremely useful! I am already teaching, and therefore to see other experienced teachers interacting in a classroom was the most helpful part of the course for me."

  • "The explanations of language, theory and practice (were) extremely clear. The use of pictures, examples and reading materials were all excellent choices and I found them not only helpful but very interesting! From start to finish, the course was very enjoyable."

  • "As a teacher and a graduate of English, at first I thought the grammar section was going to be too easy. However, as I progressed through the sections I found that I was tackling grammar from a whole new perspective, it helped freshen my understanding of definitions and also helped me with my own study of Japanese!"

  • "I enjoyed using the forums because I found the comments made by (the tutors) very insightful. The forums often offered other aspects of teaching, and thinking of the role of the teacher, which I think is pivotal to understanding and progressing as a teacher."

  • "Overall, the tutors were all outstanding. The feedback, watching their classes, and also their own mini interviews were the most beneficial part of the course for me. I like the way the teachers were asked about their own learning experiences in the classroom at the end of the course. Every time I plan a class, or I'm looking to improve my style or content, I remember their words of advice!"

  • "I have learnt loads from the course. Mainly, I have learnt to think about what it must be like for a non-native speaker of English to learn English in a classroom environment, and therefore I try to tackle all my lesson planning from this angle"

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