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Online English Language Awareness Course

Want to do a TEFL course but worried that you don't know enough grammar? Sign up to the Pre-TEFL grammar course!

  • - Great preparation for CELTA or Cert TESOL or other TEFL course
  • - Tutor to answer your questions
  • - Video clips give you a taster of the classroom
  • - Audio clips to help with pronunciation features
  • - Entirely online in user-friendly environment
  • - Network with other trainee teachers!

Click play to watch an interview with leading ELT and ELA Online Course author John Hughes.


Course Details

Course reference: 2827
Course type: Online TEFL course
Price: £95
Class times: This course is designed to be completed within 90 days. However, there are no deadlines so you can work whenever you like, at your own pace.
Minimum age: 16

Course Description

At Cactus TEFL, we speak to many people who want to teach English, but who are concerned that their level of English language awareness might hold them back.

Similarly, when it comes to filling out a Cert TESOL or CELTA course application form, the questions that appear on the form can seem quite daunting. It's normal however, that we, as native English speakers, are not aware of how the English language pieces together. We weren't taught the language that way, so we don't know the terms for the bits of language, and yet this is exactly what we need when we come to teach it. So now, with the ELA Online course, you'll be able to brush up your knowledge of the English language and fully prepare for your TEFL course.

What's more, by taking the course before your CELTA, Cert TESOL or similar TEFL course, you'll be one step ahead, less stressed about the grammar, and in a better position to really enjoy the course and the new skills you're acquiring!

Want to know more about the Cactus TEFL ELA course? Read our FAQ section.

Customer Feedback

  • "Very clear and concise which helps to memorise and stay focused on the basics that are expected from a teacher. Gives a good start on grammar without making it boring which made me go for my grammar book to explore it a little further."

  • "[I would] most definitely [recommend the course to a friend]! In fact, I already have. I have shown it to some of my colleagues and they are very interested! I have to say, all in all [ELA is] a very good and intensive course that I would recommend to every TEFL teacher!"

  • "I really enjoyed watching the video clips, giving me new ideas for the classroom. I also think they were well chosen."

  • "Yes I would recommend it to a friend who has no TEFL background because it is a real eye opener to what is expected from a teacher. It also gave a good idea of where to start for a grammar revision before a TEFL course and helped me spot where are my weaknesses in grammar."

  • "Just got back from my interview at International House Bangkok - I'm on the course! It all went well - I was able to identify the tenses when asked and talked with confidence about conditionals. We discussed the Cactus ELA course and how helpful it has been in getting my grammar up to speed so that I can now concentrate on learning how to teach. Off out tonight to celebrate! Cheers!"

  • "I always looked forward to using the course and also enjoyed the interaction with other students. This gave a diverse and much more interesting facet to the course. Always interesting to read others comments, opinions and challenges. This is what made the course feel real"

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