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Online TEFL course
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This course is designed to be completed within 90 days. However, there are no deadlines so you can work whenever you like, at your own pace.
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At Cactus TEFL, we speak to many people who want to teach English, but who are concerned that their level of English language awareness might hold them back.

Similarly, when it comes to filling out a Cert TESOL or CELTA course application form, the questions that appear on the form can seem quite daunting. It's normal however, that we, as native English speakers, are not aware of how the English language pieces together. We weren't taught the language that way, so we don't know the terms for the bits of language, and yet this is exactly what we need when we come to teach it. So now, with the ELA Online course, you'll be able to brush up your knowledge of the English language and fully prepare for your TEFL course.

What's more, by taking the ELA course before your CELTA, Cert TESOL or similar TEFL course, you'll be one step ahead, less stressed about the grammar, and in a better position to really enjoy the course and the new skills you're acquiring!

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ELA Course details

Want to do a TEFL course but worried that you don't know enough grammar? Sign up to the Pre-TEFL grammar course!

  • Great preparation for CELTA or Cert TESOL or other TEFL course
  • Tutor to answer your questions
  • Video clips give you a taster of the classroom
  • Audio clips to help with pronunciation features
  • Entirely online in user-friendly environment
  • Network with other trainee teachers!

Why do a Cactus course?

Cactus has years of experience in helping people choose TEFL courses. This has made us well aware of TEFLers' needs.

Written in collaboration with Cactus by the TEFL expert John Hughes and designed to give you confidence before you take the plunge, the Cactus online Pre-TEFL language awareness course will help you not only to complete the pre-interview task, get through the interview but also, of course, follow the TEFL course itself.

Already done a TEFL course? Learn how ELA could still help you!

Why do the grammar course?

If you are considering taking some time out to see a bit of the world, in a gap year or as a career break, a TEFL course will help you finance your travels by preparing you to teach English.

But, like hundreds of others, what you remember from the grammar you learnt in school is not enough to give you the confidence you need to follow a TEFL course. Language is the area where trainee teachers have the least confidence and a would-be teacher's greatest fear is not knowing the grammar. You want to be ready to tackle the grammar and you don't want to be held back by your lack of knowledge. Of course, a teacher can research grammar by wading through grammar reference books, but it's hard to know where to start.

Nominated for the ELT08 Innovation Awards by the British Council

The course is selective - the items are carefully chosen for new teachers and presented at Pre-TEFL course level - so you learn everything that is really useful and you don't waste time on what isn't.

The course will save you valuable time in your preparation as a teacher, leaving you much freer to work on your classroom teaching skills and get to know your students.

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