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» The Suzanne Furstner Foundation

Information about the Annual Scholarship

The Suzanne Furstner Foundation Annual Scholarship reflects two of Suzanne's greatest passions, TEFL and language learning. Running the TEFL department at Cactus, Suzanne was often to be heard laughing and joking on the phone in Spanish and various other languages with the many schools we work with worldwide. This scholarship reflects her desire to help students become teachers themselves and share their language knowledge with communities across the globe.

» 2013 Suzanne Furstner Scholarship

The scholarship prize for 2013 is a 4 week Cambridge CELTA course in Philadelphia.

The course is run by Teaching House Philadelphia, a large and spacious school that is known for its excellence in teacher training. The centre offers first-rate facilities for study and leisure, creating a professional and state-of-the-art environment for trainee teachers.

America's East Coast city of Philadelphia is a thriving historic and cultural hub, offering a lively music and art scene, lush green parkland, an active port and atmospheric waterfront, making it a truly exciting place to base yourself as a TEFL student.

  • The winner will take their CELTA course in 2014.
  • Please note that all candidates must have native level competence in English.
  • Although the CELTA course is provided by Teaching House Philadelphia, all applications must be through Cactus and via the application form on this page.
  • The winner will be chosen by a 3-person committee: Sarah Watkins, Editor at Cactus, Cecilia Harvey, Executive PA at Cactus, and Antoinette Bruining, Suzanne Furstner's mother.

» 2013 Scholarship Entry Requirements

The scholarship assignment is to write a maximum of 1000 words on the topic of 'Four Weeks in Philadelphia', to be interpreted in any way entrants choose. In addition to this, candidates have to complete a short language awareness task.

The application form for this scholarship will be available on this page from August 1st 2013.

Assignments are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the scholarship theme
  • Clear reasons why the winning the scholarship would be beneficial for the winner
  • Originality
  • Use of clear, accurate and error-free language
  • The results of their language-awareness task

Deadline for submission Tuesday October 1st 2013

The Suzanne Furstner Scholarship for 2013 is now closed.

We are pleased to announce that Rumina Iftikhar, from Pakistan, is this year's winner! Many congratulations Rumina!

We have been overwhelmed and delighted by the number of countries from which we have received entries. Thank you to all the applicants this year. Not only did we receive an exceptionally high number of entries, but the calibre was incredibly high. Rumina's winning entry can be found here: Suzanne Furstner Scholarship 2013 Winning Entry: Rumina Iftikhar. As our winner, Rumina will be expected to write a blog of her course experiences and a post-scholarship experience piece. We would like to wish all applicants every success in their future training and careers.

» Previous Scholarships

The winner of the 2013 scholarship is Rumina Iftikhar. Please read Rumina's piece here.

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Scholarship Articles 2007 and Winner Anna Prime's blog
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